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Professional Education Programs

Live on January 10 at Noon ET

Prolonged Grief Disorder

This presentation will discuss Prolonged Grief Disorder (PGD) and how it is different from usual grief as well as Major Depression and PTSD. Derailers of the usual c...

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Live on February 14 at Noon ET

Grief Impairment Scale: Research and Clinical Implications

Although most mourners are resilient, a significant minority experience a profoundly disruptive course of bereavement that substantially impairs their ability to fun...

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Live on February 28 at Noon ET

Supporting People with IDD and Other Cognitive Disabilities in Developing Advance Care Plans

Having a cognitive disability does not mean one is incapacitated in all decision making. People with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD) or other cognitive...

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Understanding Ambiguous Loss

Dr. Pauline Boss, who coined the term ambiguous loss, will discuss its two types, research updates, and whether there is some ambiguity even in the finality of...

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