When Grief is Complicated - Book and DVD

While grief is a normal transitional event in the lives of most individuals, some people have complications in coping with loss that merit more intensive support and treatment. Hospice Foundation of America’s newest publication, When Grief is Complicated, examines the academic research and arguments surrounding complicated grieving through case studies, interventive strategies and historical perspectives. 

The DVD provides an in-depth discussion of complicated grief and interventive strategies with expert panelists, Ken Doka, PhD, MDiv, Robert Neimeyer, PhD, and Therese Rando, PhD, BCETS, BCBT. Moderated by Frank Sesno.
Book chapters include discussions of risk factors that may influence complicated grief; how traumatic loss affects grief reactions; issues that children face that could complicate grief; and the challenges of establishing grieving norms within a cross-cultural perspective. Authors include William Worden, Robert Niemeyer and Laurie Burke, William Worden, Donna Schuurman, and Edward Rynearson.  This book is part of the Living with Grief® series and is appropriate for clinicians and others working with the dying and bereaved.

When Grief is Complicated (DVD) 
While most people are able to cope with the pain of loss, up to 10 to 20 percent of bereaved persons have more complicated reactions that may impair and impede functioning for a prolonged period of time. This program is designed to assist counselors and others working with bereaved persons understand, assess and assist individuals who may be experiencing such complicated forms of bereavement.  The presentation begins with an overview of contemporary work on complicated grief, then explores interventive strategies to support grievers experiencing complicated forms of grief. 
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