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Hospice Foundation of America’s publication, Transforming Loss: Finding Potential for Growth, examines positive change by the bereaved in the aftermath of loss. 
Chapters examine the history and identification of transformative experiences in the wake of loss; explore how the nature of the loss, spirituality, age, and other factors affect growth; and provide other tools and interventive strategies for clinicians to support and encourage transformative growth in grieving clients. The book will also look at the role that support groups and self-help advice can play in this process, and shares some individuals’ stories of their own transformative experiences.
Chapter authors include Richard Tedeschi, Robert Neimeyer, Bonnie Carroll, Kelli Triplett, Gillian Mayersohn, and Kenneth Doka, as well as hospice and bereavement professionals Brandon Brewer and Patti Anewalt. This book is part of the Living with Grief® series and is appropriate for all professionals working in hospice and palliative care, counselors, clergy, funeral professionals, and any professional whose practice involves the bereaved.
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