HFA Annual Membership

Why join HFA?

HFA members seek continuous improvement and learning through high-quality, affordable, and easily-accessible professional education from the nation’s top experts. Becoming a member demonstrates you share this passion, support HFA as a trusted provider of public information and professional education, and want the benefit of receiving exclusive discounts on our programs, resources, and more. 

Membership is open to hospices and non-hospice organizations with an interest in end-of-life care; hospitals, health systems, bereavement support centers, funeral homes, associations, churches, and individuals with a professional or personal interest in hospice care and bereavement.

HFA has served the hospice, bereavement, and end-of-life care field for more than 30 years. Join us and other like-minded provider organizations and professionals today!
Membership Benefits
  • Discounts.  Receive up to 25% off HFA professional educational programs and products including webinars, Living With Grief programs, self-study courses, books, DVDs, Journeys special issues, and more.
  • Content.  Exclusive access to members-only resource portal, providing content on bereavement, grief, volunteering and caregiving:
       - Three supplementary Journeys bereavement newsletter articles per month.
       - Three previous HFA programs that change monthly to use as you wish.
       - Complimentary content for your own brochures and publications on hospice care and bereavement counseling.
  • Partnership.  You'll be associated with a valued leader who has served the hospice, bereavement, and end-of-life care communities for more than 30 years.
  • Information.  We'll keep you informed on what's new in the hospice and bereavement fields.

Annual Membership Dues

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Membership Type Annual Dues Additional Locations
Individuals $50 n/a
Hospice Organizations:  
  Volunteer $125 n/a
  Non-Profit with ADC* <150 $250 $25 per location
Non-Profit with ADC* 150
$350 $45 per location
  For-Profit $625 $65 per location
Non-Hospice Organizations:  
  Non-Profit $350 $45 per location
  For-Profit $625 $65 per location
* Average Daily Census

Additional Location membership fees apply when your organization has more than one physical location.  For example: Your organization is a non-profit hospice with ADC at 180 and three separate physical locations. The organization will purchase a membership at $350, plus two $45 location fees. The total membership fee for the organization is $440 ($350 + $90).