Managing Conflict, Finding Meaning - Supporting Families at Life's End

Living with Grief®: Managing Conflict Finding Meaning: Supporting Families at Life’s End is the companion book (ISBN: 978-1-893349-20-9) to the 2016 Living with Grief® program and examines how to better help families cope with the inevitable conflicts that arise during the difficult journey through end-of-life care.

Using various case studies and insights from clinicians, professionals, and leading researchers, this book illustrates the challenges surrounding dying and grieving as well as opportunities that may arise from crises.
Authors include John G. Cagle, Marie Ribarich, Pam Shockey Stephenson, and other leading experts in the field. The 18 chapters delve into material featuring new perspectives on difficult situations. Doka, K.J. (Ed) (2016) Washington, DC, Hospice Foundation of America, 144 pp. This book is indexed. 
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