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Journeys is a monthly newsletter designed to offer support and practical advice to people coping with loss and bereavement. Subscribe as an individual and receive support from the experts each month for just $36.25. A Journeys bulk subscription is a caring and cost-effective way to provide ongoing support to the families you serve.

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** Due to the current circumstances, HFA offers a PDF version that can be emailed. Contact us at journeys@hospicefoundation.org for more information. 
Grief takes many forms over the course of a year, and this monthly newsletter features articles written by experts in an easy-to-read style that touch on the varied aspects of grief. Regular monthly features include experts' answers to readers' questions, providing a quiet and valuable companion along the grief journey.

How Journeys works:

For as little as $6.35, you can provide an entire year of bereavement support to a family or individual. HFA ships Journeys to your address. Your bulk subscription will arrive approximately 3 weeks in advance of the issue month, giving you time to compile your mailing list and then distribute Journeys. You maintain control of your mailing list and contacts, ensuring privacy.  Choose flat or pre-folded options according to your needs.


Subscription Options:


Individual Annual Subscriptions

Receive a single issue each month for 1 year for just $36.25.

Ordering as a gift subscription? Include a note when ordering, and HFA will notify the recipient of your gift.

Bulk Annual Subscriptions

For larger organizations and groups, Journeys can be ordered in bulk. Price is based on the number of issues each month. Each subscription is for 1 year.

Annual bulk subscription rates per newsletter:
10-99 copies: $11 each
100-249 copies: $10.50 each
250-499 copies: $9.10 each
500-999 copies: $7.30 each
1000+ copies: $6.35 each

Prices are calculated per year, as seen in these examples:
A. If you order 110 issues per month for a year, you would pay $1155 total for that year.
(110 issues * $10.50 per issue = $1155)

B. If you order 275 issues per month for a year, you would pay $2502.50 total for that year.
(275 issues * $9.10 per issue = $2502.50)

Order in bulk by mail.

Journeys subscriptions are for 12 months. No refunds will be given for cancellations prior to expiration date.

Journeys Special Issues

Our special issues address some of the milestones and circumstances along the grief journey. Available issues are below, click on the title to learn more and order (prices vary per issue):

Newly Bereaved
Anniversary Issue
Understanding Support Groups
Winter Holidays (First Edition)
Winter Holidays (Second Edition)
Spring Holidays

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