Journeys bereavement newsletters contain articles from leading experts that provide support, caring advice, and validation along the grief journey. 

Annual subscription: Available as an individual subscription $25 or discounted in bulk. Provides monthly support for 12 months from date of purchase.
Special Issues: Available in packs of 50 or 100. A great option for end-of-life care organizations to provide bereavement support.

Anniversary Issue

Helps readers understand why the anniversary of a loved one's death is so difficult and normal, and that society's expectation that a year is sufficient time to recover from a loss is unrealistic.

Annual Subscription

Each month features articles written by experts that speak to the many different aspects of the grieving process. Regular monthly features include experts’ answers to readers' questions.

Caregiving and Hospice

A sensitive introduction to caregiving and hospice care. It answers questions such as: How does someone take care of him or herself while caring for a dying loved one? How can a family member or friend find hope after a loved one has entered hospice care?

For Kids by Kids

Focuses on supporting young people through grief and loss. Articles written by experts are aimed at the unique problems and pressured faced by young people surviving a loss.

Journeys with Grief

This book contains a collection of Journeys articles that provide self-help tips for those who are grieving and guidance about what to expect following a loss.

Newly Bereaved

A great first step in supporting someone who has recently lost a loved one.

Spanish Language

With cultural differences in mind, this special issue introduces the grieving process and lets readers know what to expect over the coming months.

Spring Holidays

Addresses the grieving that can be associated with events such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, and religious holidays, and gives readers advice on how to cope with them.

Understanding Support Groups

Designed to demystify the bereavement support group experience and offers articles that help readers decide if a group support could provide valuable assistance.

Winter Holidays 1st Edition

Explores ways to create new holiday rituals after a loss and survival tips for the season.

Winter Holidays 2nd Edition

Inspires hope, validates the reality of difficult grief responses in the winter months, reaffirms the differences in grieving styles, and offers helpful suggestions to survive the season.