Beyond Support Groups

Beyond Support Groups

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This webinar explores “out of the box” thinking around traditional support groups and explores how hospice and palliative care providers can effectively use needs assessments and grieving styles to tailor creative bereavement support models.

Available until May 11, 2016


Kenneth J. Doka, PhD, MDiv, Professor of Gerontology, The College of New Rochelle
Michael Caserta, PhD, Professor, Gerontology interdisciplinary Program, College of Nursing, University of Utah
The webinar is $24.95 for individuals and $84.95 for organizations. 

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I. The Nature of Grief Support
II. Support Groups
A. Advantages
B. Limitations
III. Other Types of Group Support
A. Adventure-Based Groups
B. Discussion and Reading Groups
C. Informal Groups
D. Problem-Solving Groups
E. Expressive Groups
F. Examples
IV. Educational Programs
A. Value of Psycho-Education 
B. Educational Programs
V. Rituals
A. The Value of Ritual
B. Examples of Rituals
VI. Conclusion: A Triadic Approach to Grief Support 
At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:
1. Describe three different types of programs that hospices and palliative care organizations can offer
individuals who are grieving;
2. Describe the advantages and limitations of support groups;
3. Discuss five different types of group offerings and indicate target populations;
4. Discuss the value of psycho-education and indicate two approaches to psycho-education;
5. Describe the value of rituals and indicate ways that rituals can be integrated into ongoing
programs as well as examples of independent offerings.