Ethics and End-of-Life Care

Ethics and End-of-Life Care

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The topic of "ethics" often brings up thoughts of conflict-laden cases, but ethical decisions take place every day in hospice care. Join experts Tim Kirk and JoAnne Reifsnyder in a Professional Conversation, drawing on current research and writing, that will discuss these questions as well as your own:
  • To what extent should the family be able to manage how much information is disclosed to a patient who is approaching end of life
  • What should a team member do when a patient or family member discloses important information confidentially?
  • How should the interdisciplinary team respond when they perceive that a patient is being neglected or abused by a family member or some other person?
  • What is a "safe" environment and when, if ever, should a home care or hospice team decline to admit a patient or discharge an enrolled patient for reasons of safety?
For your convenience, this session will be recorded and archived for your future reference.The recorded conversation will be available on MP3 format (audio only).

Available until May 25, 2016


Timothy Kirk, PhD, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the City University of New York-York College , specializing in philosophy of nursing and healthcare ethics with an emphasis on hospice and palliative care

How Does It Work?
Professional Conversations” is the newest offering from HFA to enhance your professional development.  This live, 60-minute session will be audio only, so no computer or internet connection is necessary – the only requirement is a telephone. Although the call will have this general topic chosen for discussion, participants are not limited to this topic. The calls will be open to what participants ask and what they want answered. 
For your convenience, this session was recorded and archived for your future reference.The recorded conversationis available in MP3 format (audio only).

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