Who We Are, How We Grieve

Living with Grief®: Who We Are, How We Grieve (DVD) focuses on how factors such as culture, spirituality, gender and age influence the ways we experience grief and express loss.

The companion book by the same title (ISBN: 0-87630-898-1) offers insight into the process of grief as a product of culture, spirituality, gender, and age, as well as the way that these factors can help or hinder the grieving process. 
Living with Grief®: Who We Are, How We Grieve (DVD) offers 59-minute discussion on how culture and spirituality can either help or hinder the grieving process, as well as how patterns of coping with grief vary by gender, class, age, or developmental levels. Experts in the medical and social service fields address the ways that these factors interact to influence the grieving process of individuals, and how communities can best respond to address the grief of community members.  
Ronald K. Barrett, PhD
Kenneth Doka, PhD, MDiv
Bernice C. Harper, MSW
Patricia A. Murphy, RN, PhD
Bradley H. Stuart, MD
The Living with Grief®: Who We Are, How We Grieve (book) is a valuable companion to the 1998 Living With Grief® series. The book further explores the influence of an individual’s culture, spirituality, age, and gender on their personal grieving process. Featuring chapters by Dennis Klass, Catherine M. Sanders, and more, this book takes necessary steps in uncovering factors which help and hinder an individual’s ability to cope with loss. Doka, K.J. (Ed) (1998) Washington, DC, Hospice Foundation of America, 314 pp. This book is indexed.
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