Grief Impairment Scale: Research and Clinical Implications - Self Study

Although most mourners are resilient, a significant minority experience a profoundly disruptive course of bereavement that substantially impairs their ability to function in crucial life contexts. This presentation reports the development of a brief and efficient 5-item screening instrument, the Grief Impairment Scale or GIS, which assesses the impact of loss on cognitive, behavioral, health, social role and interpersonal domains. Results document the coherent factor structure, internal reliability, construct and discriminant validity, sensitivity and specificity of the GIS in evaluating clinically significant functional impairment associated with grief and support its use in health and mental health settings for both epidemiological research and treatment planning. 

Expert panelists:

Sherman A. Lee,
 PhD, is an associate professor of psychology at Christopher Newport University. He studies negative feeling states, such as anxiety and grief, with a specialization in psychological measurement. He has published over 75 journal articles and book chapters and teaches courses in the psychology of personality, psychology of the human-animal bond, and the psychology of death, dying, and bereavement. 

Robert A. Neimeyer, PhD, directs the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition, and maintains an active consulting and coaching practice. Neimeyer has published over 500 journal articles and book chapters as well as 32 books, including New Techniques of Grief Therapy, and serves as Editor of Death Studies. He is currently working to advance a more adequate theory of grieving as a meaning-making process. 
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