End-of-Life Ethics: A Case Study Approach

This DVD program examines, using a case study approach, the ethical issues and dilemmas that emerge at the end-of-life, the principles of ethical decision-making and the effects of these decisions on patients, families and staff.

The cases in the End-of-Life Ethics: A Case Study Approach book (ISBN 978-1-893349-14-8), all written by prominent professionals in end-of-life care or ethics, use case studies to bring to life ethical principles in practice. 

Individual Chapters

In this DVD, an expert panel discusses cases that are interspersed through the program. This program runs two hours and 28-minutes and was produced in 2012. It is moderated by Frank Sesno.
The expert discussions center around the cases illustrative of ethical dilemmas surrounding communication, surrogacy, decision making when children or adolescents are involved, and treatment decisions.
Timothy Arsenault, MA
Karen Bullock, PhD, LCSW
Eileen R. Chichin, PhD, RN
Kenneth J. Doka, PhD, MDiv
Bruce Jennings, MA
Neal Slatkin, MD, DABPM
The cases in the book, all written and discussed by prominent professionals, show “ethics in action.” For professionals, the cases may help to provide guidance or to validate the difficult choices as they guide families through decision making involving serious illness and end-of-life care.  The cases highlight ethical dilemmas, looking at issues around futile treatment, informed decision making, ethical conflicts, palliative sedation, and confidentiality.
Authors include Mary Beth Morrissey, Charles A. Corr, Bruce Jennings, Nancy Berlinger, and Timothy R. Arsenault. Doka, K.J. ,Tucci, A. S., Corr, C.A, and Jennings, B. (Eds) (2012) Washington, DC, Hospice Foundation of America. 281 pp. This book is indexed. 
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