End-of-Life Ethics: A Case Study Approach

End-of-Life Ethics examines, using a case study approach, the ethical issues and dilemmas that emerge at the end of life. Ethical decisions at the end of life provide a point where all the factors that influence end-of-life care such as finances, laws, values, culture, and technology converge. The decisions that are made at the end of life affect not only the way that the person dies, but also the ways that survivors face the loss. These decisions may influence staff – affecting morale and turnover, consequently directly influencing patient care, as well as families struggling with grief. This program explores ethical dilemmas that are likely to arise at the end of life, the principles of ethical decision-making, and the effects of these decisions on staff and families.

Expert Panelists:  
  • Timothy R. Arsenault, MA
  • Karen Bullock, PhD, LCSW
  • Eileen R. Chichin, PhD, RN
  • Kenneth J. Doka, PhD, MDiv
  • Bruce Jennings, MA
  • Hank Willner, MD

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Length:  approximately 2.5 hours 

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