Children, Adolescents and Loss

In Living With Grief®: Children, Adolescents, and Loss, experts weigh in on the challenges faced by children and adolescents in the wake of loss. These professionals participate in a dynamic panel which considers the influence of various factors on how children and adolescents grieve differently than adults. 
In this 2 hour, 17-minute teleconference, Living with Grief®: Children, Adolescents, and Loss engages a panel of experts in the discussion of child and adolescent grief, and how their coping abilities and mechanisms differ from adults. Whether they are grieving the death of a parent or grandparent, or facing the losses involved in relocating or divorce, children and adolescents often do not know how to cope. This teleconference considers the range of child and adolescent loss, as well as ways in which developmental level may affect response to loss.
Nancy Boyd Webb, DSW, BDC
Charles Corr, PhD
Kenneth Doka, PhD, MDiv
Margarita Suarez, RN, MA
Dottie Ward-Wimmer, RN, MA, LPC
Betsy Wendt, MA
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