Caregiving and Loss: Family Needs Professional Responses

Caregiving and Loss: Family Needs, Professional Responses (DVD) explores the ways professionals can better understand and respond to the specific needs of family caregivers.
The companion book by the same title (ISBN: 978-1-893349-02-5) delves into similar topics, and assesses the ways healthcare professionals can better serve and support family caregivers. 
Caregiving and Loss: Family Needs, Professional Responses features a 2 hour, 30-minute panel discussion on the importance of understanding and responding to family caregivers appropriately. The conference emphasizes themes of caregiving, as well as governmental and work policies that influence the experience of caregiving. The panel provides an in-depth analysis of responding to challenges and opportunities of caregiving, informing families as they make decisions about end-of-life care, and supporting families through times of tremendous loss and grief.
Joyce D. Davidson, MS
Kenneth Doka, PhD, MDiv
Bernice Catherine Harper, MSW, LLD
Carol Levine, MA
Susan Reinhard, RN, PhD
Myrl Weinberg, CAE
The accompanying text, Caregiving and Loss: Family Needs, Professional Responses (book) solidifies the information covered in the panel, as it explores further themes of healthcare professionals support of family caregivers and grieving families. Featuring chapters by Marcia Lattanzi-Licht , Myrl Weinberg, and Dee Ellison. Doka, K.J. (Ed) (2001) Washington, DC, Hospice Foundation of America, 331 pp. This book is indexed.  
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