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Living with Grief® 2018 Sponsorship

HFA's National Living with Grief® Program Series
Spring 2018 Presentation:
Transforming Loss: Finding Potential for Growth
Transforming Loss: Finding Potential for Growth, an inspirational program about change in the wake of loss, is appropriate for all professionals working in hospice and palliative care, counselors, and any professional whose practice touches the lives of the bereaved. Ideal for community education and outreach, this program is sure to touch the hearts of those who have experienced loss.

Join HFA for this 1.5-hour program and follow people who have moved from grief to growth, changing their lives and the lives of those around them. Experts will provide self-help guidance useful for the bereaved and professionals, as well as guidance to professionals about how to support growth after loss.

  • Reach an unlimited audience of medical and social service program individuals as well as public attendees for a minimum of a year.
  • Reach clinicians and related professionals of all disciplines in all 50 states and beyond U.S. borders.
  • Demonstrate your organization’s important contributions to the field of bereavement.
  • Showcase your company’s products/services to decision makers and end users.
  • Help to improve care for the bereaved.
  • Build employee morale and company pride.
  • Associate with the longest running educational program for end-of-life professionals in North America.
  • Connect with a national resource of trusted information that has been respected for over 30 years.
  • Show the program for an unlimited number of times at your location and provide the opportunity for continuing education credits for a year from the program release date.

Due to the program's production timeline, sponsorships are no longer available.
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