HFA Partner Package - Individual Package

HFA's Individual Package for the 2016-17 year. Included in this package are all 8 webinar programs and the fall 2016 New Perspectives program, Grief: Finding Your Own Path.
This package includes:

-HFA Signature Programs:
  • Grief: Finding Your Own Path, part of the New Perspectives series, September 20, 2017  

-Professional Development Webinars:
  • Expectations are Everything: Fostering Patient/Family Preparedness and Coping—Tuesday, July 19
  • Parenting after a Death—Tuesday, Aug. 16
  • Grief Surges—Tuesday, October 18
  • Hospice in the Nursing Home—Tuesday, Nov. 15
  • Dignity Therapy—Tuesday, February 21
  • Grief After Self-Inflicted Causes of Death—Tuesday, March 21
  • Innovative Techniques in Managing Grief Groups—Tuesday, May 9
  • When Death and Loss are Part of the Job—Tuesday, June 20

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