Event Feedback

Responses from site hosts when asked, “What was the most successful aspect of your event?”

“When asked at the end how many people felt better prepared to begin conversations with loved ones and/or were ready to make their own advance directives, everyone raised a hand.” – Caring Choices

“The good thing about this event was it is an opening to further discussion of our Hispanic community members and advance directives and medical choices - which is a good thing. Thank you.” – Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish

“We had community members engaged and participating.  It is helping me grow volunteers to help with advance care planning in the community.” – Providence Southwest Washington

“Of all of the events so far, this event, is the event that remains with us the most on a very deep level.” – Yolo Hospice

“Great turnout despite horrible weather. Great interest in the topic with others requesting how to obtain a copy of the DVD. Coupons given.” – LMHPCO 

“The attendance numbers!  The response was exciting and there was an energy in the room with this excellent attendance. Our committee was very pleased.  However, with 300+ attendees, it was a challenge to have all those who wanted to ask questions to have time to do so.” – TPOPP

“Many people came up to me afterwards and told me they realized they really needed to get their affairs in order.” – Coalition for Quality End-of-Life Care

“Having 4 Members of Congress relay their personal hospice or advanced illness experiences with loved ones, and how those experiences shaped their policies on these issues.” – NHPCO

“The positive reception to the film and the discussions that followed in small groups.  There were a number of comments and requests for information on any future screenings revealing an increased awareness and interest in discussing personal needs and desires.” – Hospice of Tift Area

“Started a community conversation. Partnership organizations will continue the momentum.” – St. Mary’s Health System

“Partnerships leading to greater on-going collaboration; community sees two competing hospitals working together on an important issue.” – St. Mary’s Health System

“The CEO of the hospital system addressed the crowd at the end of the event about the importance of this issue...that was huge!!  - Blue Ridge Hospice

“Several people said they were going to try to get family to the second screening at the same site next week in the evening.” – Coalition for Quality End-of-Life Care

“The most successful outcome of the event is that the film, or even just the article in our newspaper about the screening, has generated conversations all around our community.”  – Brave Heart Volunteers

“Around 60% of the audience read the book and they were really into discussing this topic.” – K-State Center on Aging

“The discussion was perfect. People were engaged and curious and had really great questions that made it apparent that they were really thinking about what their choices would be and what they should think about.” – Ketchikan Volunteer Hospice

“Several nursing facility staff asked us to bring the program to their facilities as an employee education.” – Hospice of Guernsey, Inc.

“Physicians asking for assistance/training on how to integrate ACP.” – Lutheran Hospital

“Great conversation after viewing and we also talked about the NHI End of Life Booklet along with 5 Wishes, bookmarks were appreciated, Age Page - Getting your Affairs in Order was also a hit.” – DAPEC (Denton Area Partnership for End of Life Care)

“I am just amazed at how well the discussions go.” – Winona Health Hospice

“Attendees were very pleased with this event, were grateful to be part of this discussion and wanted to keep learning more about how to talk about end of life issues.” – CAMC Institute 

“Having local nursing students present and the openness of the discussion.” – Avera St. Mary’s Hospital 

“The tremendous turnout.  Some people attended in the morning and returned for the evening session.” – Lake Region HealthCare 

“Participants taking information back to their groups (Church, clubs, etc.) and attempting to arrange presentation to those groups.” – Hunterdon Hospice

“Having clinicians interact with each other. We had MDs, RNs, Social workers and chaplains in this group.” – Transitions LifeCare

“We had a 16 year old girl attend our event because she plans to become a doctor one day and she wanted to educate herself about end of life care. Who knows....maybe we have one of our future palliative care physicians in the making!! – Ev. Lutheran Good Samaritan Society 

“Everyone impressed with documentary and the impact it creates. Event brought together staff from different hospices and care providers in the community.” – BSA Hospice of the Southwest

“The film prompted discussion and the most impactful parts of the discussion were the individual clinician's sharings of their own personal situations, which many folks did.”  –  Advocate Health Care

“Content was excellent. Request to screen at Medical staff meeting, full Hospice of Hope staff and other participating facilities.” – Hospice of Hope 

“The reaction after the event was so positive and I heard a lot of "best event you have had yet," "you need to do more events like this," and "this really made me think about life... and death... and the things I would want."  The audience took the lead on the conversation and the panel members just chimed in when necessary. The panel members didn't even have to use their "staged" comments to facilitate conversation.” – WV Center for End-Of-Life Care

“Brought together clinicians to talk about having end of life discussions. Physician panelists were very helpful in offering ways to have these discussions.” – Weinstein Hospice

“I'm not aware of any aspect of the event that wasn't successful. To have a turnout of 100 people in a community of our size is outstanding. The feedback that we've received for showing the film has been only positive and has resulted in many follow-up phone conversations, emails, and discussions in the community.”  - Brave Heart Volunteers

“Though we did not have as many community members as we worked for, those that were there left with a definitive sense that it is important to discuss and plan, not leave the last days up to fate.” - PruittHealth Hospice Of Macon

“The film was received with a very positive attitude and initiated the difficult conversation about end of life wishes. We were able to distribute and encourage completion of Five Wishes and call the group to action. The feedback was very positive and everyone appreciated the discussion. We had a panel of 4 clinicians, led by a hospice care coordinator. Our facility's medical director and advance practice nurse lent their perspectives, and a licensed professional counselor/bereavement expert. The panel could not have been better. Many questions were asked and people wanted to talk about the topic.” – Reformed Church Home