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WASHINGTON, Jan. 26 – Liberating Unmourned Loss, the follow-up to the ground-breaking Soul Injury program from Opus Peace, is set to begin on February 18. This new video presentation, produced by Opus Peace in partnership with Hospice Foundation of America, explores emotional pain, self-compassion, and personal intimacy. The value and role of therapeutic ceremonies and rituals to navigate difficult losses and transitions is also addressed.

Expert presenters Deborah Grassman, ARNP, Patricia McGuire, RN, BSN, CT, and Patricia A. Surprenant, LMT share their professional and personal experiences surrounding unmourned loss and discuss how, if left unmourned, it can separate people from their authentic selves.

“The expression of grief is a natural and normal reaction to loss, whereas unmourned loss is the destructive culprit,” said Grassman, co-founder of Opus Peace. “The secret for living a passion-filled life is learning how to develop a different relationship with the part of self-carrying emotional pain.” said Grassman.

While there are many professional programs and publications that focus on loss and grief, few focus on fear of loss and fear of the resultant emotional pain. Yet, fear of emotional pain plays a key role in the numbing behaviors separating individuals from their “real” selves. Fear of emotional pain hinders the learning process of how to use loss, failure, and disappointments as a passport into the larger self. In the American culture, the fear of grief perceives loss as failure and views grieving as destructive, according to Grassman, an advance practice nurse who cared for thousands of dying veterans over her 30 years with the VA.

In Soul Injury, viewers learn how unmourned loss, unforgiven guilt and shame, and diminished self-compassion can cause harm to individuals, families, and society. Liberating Unmourned Loss provides personal and professional guidance for those who have been affected by emotional pain, loss, and grief as it discusses how soul restoration tools can be incorporated into healthcare practices. 

Continuing education is available for a wide range of professional boards. Click here to view the list of professional boards through which credits are available. The program is available on DVD ($89.25) and via on-demand webcast ($75.86). It is 105 minutes in length and requires a 15-minute, post-program discussion at individual viewing locations for continuing education.

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Register for the original program, Soul Injury here. Or get both Liberating Unmourned Loss and Soul Injury in a package option, here.