Press Release

Living with Grief®: When Grief is Complicated Praised by Viewers and Screening Organizers

Early reviews of When Grief is Complicated are in, and program organizers and viewers are giving the program high marks for production quality, content, and the valuable information it is providing audiences nationwide.
When Grief is Complicated is part of Hospice Foundation of America’s (HFA’s) long-running Living with Grief® series, now in its 24th year. The video program premiered on April 27 and is available during a year-long window for viewing and continuing education credits.
 “Thank you for an incredible LWG program and for all of your support,” said Philip M. Geiger, Director of Education and Communication for Hospice Giving Foundation in California after holding a When Grief is Complicated event. 
And Sue Glover, LMSW, Grief Support Services Manager with Hospice of Michigan commented following an event, “Great program! Thank you, HFA. Great response from the community.”
When Grief is Complicated addresses disabling reactions triggered by loss that interfere with a person’s ability to function socially or occupationally. The program teaches counselors and others working with the bereaved to understand, assess, and assist individuals who may experience complicated forms of bereavement. It is estimated that seven to 20 percent of all grievers have complicated reactions to loss.
Through an expert panelist discussion and video interviews with individuals experiencing complicated grief, the program examines complicated grief reactions and help for those with indications of complicated grief, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, and even physical illness.  This year’s panelists include: Robert Neimeyer, PhD, Therese A. Rando PhD, BCETS, BCBT, and Kenneth Doka, PhD, MDiv. The program is moderated by Frank Sesno, a former CNN anchor who now directs the George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs.
Due to the depth and breadth of information presented in When Grief is Complicated, HFA assists viewing sites with redesigned viewer program guides and program organizer tips. The materials for registered sites also include a poster to advertise the event and a complimentary 150-page companion book written by leading experts in the field of grief and loss.
“The program was exceptional, and quite well received. I especially appreciated the detailed notes provided in the viewer guide. Working with HFA has been a quite positive experience, and very professional at every level,” said the Rev. Dr. Colleen Kristula, Conference Chair, Circle of Life Coalition, Inc.   
Designed for multiple viewers, the program requires a 30-minute discussion following the program for 2.5 education credits.
Site registration for When Grief is Complicated is currently open, and continuing education credits are available for a wide range of professional boards. For more information on Living with Grief ® and When Grief is Complicated, please visit hospicefoundation.org or call 800-854-3402. To register for the program, click here. To find a host site near you, click here