Press Release

Biden Decision Reflects Important Process

The lengthy process through which Vice President Joseph Biden reached a decision on whether to pursue the presidency exemplifies the manner in which people who are grieving should approach difficult choices, according to the Hospice Foundation of America.

“We often say to grievers that it is not a good idea to make important decisions or major life changes so soon after a loss,” said Kenneth J. Doka, PhD, MDiv, internationally recognized expert on grief, and senior consultant to HFA. “While Vice President Biden may have disappointed some of his supporters, he seems to have made a healthy decision for himself and his family as they continue to work through their own grief,” Doka added.

Major life decisions following a significant loss typically include issues such as buying or selling a house, moving, quitting a job, or getting involved in a new relationship. Grief experts advise taking as much time as needed to fully consider the options before making life changes.

Hospice Foundation of America has numerous resources available to help the public better understand the nature of grief and strategies to help with coping with loss. Information on grief as well as end-of-life care is available online at www.hospicefoundation.org.