When Illness is Prolonged - Table of Contents

Foreword Jack D. Gordon

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  1. When Illness Is Prolonged: Implications for Grief Commentary by Kenneth J. Doka
  2. Fading Away During Terminal Illness: Implications for Bereavement in Family Members
    Betty Davies
  3. Living and Learning the Reality of a Loved One's Dying: Traumatic Stress and Cognitive Processing in Anticipatory Grief
    Therese A. Rando
  4. Hard Decisions in Hard Times: Making Ethical Choices During Prolonged Illness
    David M. Price
  5. Hospice Care and Its Effect on the Grieving Process
    William Lamers, Jr.
  6. The Story of Miss Mildred: Her Living and Dying
    Annette Dula
  7. Death from the Cancers
    Stephen P. Hersh
  8. Modulated Mourning: The Griwf and Mourning of Those Infected and Affected by HIV/AIDS
    Inge B. Corless
  9. Systemic Understandings of Loss and Grief Related to Alzheimer's Disease
    Carol Williams and Brenda Moretta
  10. Coping with Long-term Illness and Death in an Adult: The Impact on Grieving Children and Adolescents
    Charles A. Corr
  11. A Decalouge: Ten Commandments for the Concerned Caregiver
    Rabbi Earl A. Grollman
  12. Meaning Reconstruction and the Expierence of Chronic Loss
    Robert A. Niemeyer
  13. Healing Rituals: Pathways to Wholeness During Prolonged Illness and Following Death
    Reverend Alice Parsons Zulli and O. Duane Weeks

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