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Hospice Foundation of America has taken the award-winning HFA Living With Grief® and New Perspectives series and created a collection of self-study courses for professionals. Courses are available ONLINE or DVD.*

DVD Courses contain a full-length DVD of HFA's program, a copy of HFA's Living With Grief or New Perspectives companion textbook of articles, learning objectives, panel information and a participant evaluation and/or exam.
Online Courses contain an online (full-length) video, online book chapters (if applicable), learning objectives, panel information and a participant evaluation and/or exam.

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Available Courses:

Artificial Nutrition and Hydration at the End of Life (2 hours) explores medical, legal, ethical issues, and communication barriers that surround artificial nutrition and hydration (ANH). It will emphasize the need for end-of-life provider organizations to have clear and transparent policies on ANH and to offer training to staff and education for families to minimize family misunderstanding and discord as well as moral distress and anguish of staff.

Living with Grief: End-of-Life Ethics (3 hours) examines, using a case study approach, the ethical issues and dilemmas that emerge at the end-of-life. Ethical decisions at the end of life provide a point where all the factors that influence end-of-life care such as finances, laws, values, culture, and technology converge.

Beyond Kübler-Ross: New Perspectives on Death, Dying and Grief (2.5 hours) explores the most current theoretical perspectives on death, dying, and grief, emphasizing areas where understandings of dying, death, and grief have been challenged and developed since the 1969 publication of Kübler-Ross’ epochal work, On Death and Dying

Living with Grief: Spirituality and End-of-Life Care (3 hours) discusses the differences and relationship between spirituality and religion, while also addressing spirituality during illness, death and grief; spiritual assessment and empowerment, and life review.

Living With Grief: Cancer and End-of-Life Care (3 hours) addresses care options related to cancer diagnoses as well as loss and grief reactions for patients, families and professional caregivers. This course examines psychosocial aspects of cancer, pain management, and ethical issues related to the disease. 

Living With Grief: Diversity and End-of-Life Care (3 hours) focuses on ways of understanding diversity and how cultural histories, traditions and beliefs can affect end-of-life-care, and also examines the most current theories and practices in this area.

Living With Grief: Children and Adolescents (3 hours) focuses on the experience of grieving children and adolescents and the ways that hospices, schools, grief counselors, and parents can best support these populations as they cope with loss and grief. 

Living With Grief: Before and After the Death (3 hours) offers the most current theoretical perspectives on loss and grief as experienced by persons throughout a life-limiting illness and by survivors after death.

*NOTE - this special report is available ONLY on DVD.
Special Report:
Living With Grief: African Americans and End-of-Life Care (1 hour) examines African American attitudes about care at the end of life, offers explanations as to why hospice, historically, has not been a choice for many African Americans, looks at grief and the African American community, and suggests ways to reach out to African Americans who are making end-of-life decisions.
Please note: this Special Report may be purchased on our storefront for the reduced price of $30.99 and one Continuing Education credit is available for social workers, nurses and counselors for an addition $12.50. This course does not include a companion book.


How the Self-Study Program Works:

Step 1 - Register for the (DVD or ONLINE) course at

    -DVD Registration: HFA will mail your self-study materials to you, which are yours to keep.

    -ONLINE Registration: The online video and program information are immediately available to you on the Download area online.

Step 2 - View the DVD (or online video) in its entirety.

Step 3 - Read the 3 selected chapters of HFA's companion book (if applicable).

Step 4 - Follow the instructions provided to receive your CE certificate online. An evaluation form and a short exam are a part of this online process. Note: CE credits can only be obtained online for these courses.


HFA invests time, money and resources to produce the Living With Grief® and New Perspectives programs. With constantly escalating costs, and maintaining the requested DVD format for added flexibility and reliability, we have had to take steps to protect our copyright. Your cooperation helps to ensure that we can continue to produce and provide high quality, valuable education to professionals like you. Thank you for your cooperation.

HFA’s programs are copyrighted. The use and dissemination of HFA's self-study courses are restricted and unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited. With registration for a self-study course, you are licensed to view this program for one individual only. If you plan to show this program to more than one individual, then you will need to purchase a 'SITE' registration from our main program selection page. HFA strictly prohibits any other dissemination of this program by any method, including internal WAN or LAN computer networks or telemedicine networks.

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